The Language of Prayer: Matt. 6v9-13

The scripture says day to day utters speech… & there is no where in the world where their language is not heard – Ps. 19v2-3. The hallmark of prayer is to be sure someone up there is hearing us or better still it is to be certain that we are not missing the mark. Now what is the language of prayer? The language of prayer is honouring God, asking God and glorifying God. This is the sum total of the Lord’s prayer. Let me take this further you see in obeying God we honour Him, in speaking to God we ask Him and in thanking God we glorify Him. Prayer is not what we think about it is what we act upon. Dust yourself up it is time to pray. I AM PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT ALREADY…


RISE: John 5:8

You were not born to burn. You were made to make it. Don’t let life circumstances put your life on hold. If only you will choose to rise today above your experiences, out of that sick bed, pitfall and pitiful condition you will have a new story to tell.

Whatever your experience may be – just rise. The only way to rise is to rise. Rise beyond the situation because right ahead of you is an occasion. Your life is an occasion, rise to it – William B.

Take a step – rise! Rise and walk away from that frailty and infirmity.