THE WINNING DECISION – Deuteronomy 30:15-20

The all time winning decision is the right decision. A man that will win in life must be able to make the right decision. A man’s decision is a function of his choices in life. Whatever decision you make per time (good or bad) will show in your choice of things. You are a product of your choices.

Whatever you do or didn’t do on earth, become in life or didn’t become in life is a matter of your decision: the decision to or not to. If you decide to make something work it will work and vice versa. Your distinction in life is a matter of your determination which is premised upon your decision.

Five thoughts about life from the above scripture:

  1. All kinds of things happen in this world. You name it; good and bad together.
  2. One of the greatest rights of man in life is the right to choose.
  3. Our choices have effect: A very good choice would mean life and a bad choice would give birth to chaos.
  4. There is a way our choices affects others.
  5. In life changes occur: Things/Times change and so do people.

Let’s consider the seven most important decisions that would shape your life forever:

  1. The God You Choose to Serve (Joshua 24:15): This is the ultimate decision a man can make; the choice to serve God or something else. But if I will counsel you, I will tell you to decide today to follow through with God, as your decision to follow and stick to God would positively and meaningfully change your life forever.
  2. The Man/Woman You Choose to Marry (1Kings 11:4): This is an area of your life that has the potential to shape your life. You are the way you are because of your choice of marriage. Your present pleasure or pressure in marriage is as a result of your past choice of whom to marry. If you are yet to make this decision I celebrate you because you still have a chance – A chance to look again and think twice. If your marriage is in pieces it is a matter of your choice. You must understand that a right choice or wrong choice of marriage would be a tool: A right choice of marriage would be a tool in the hand of God but a wrong choice of marriage would be a tool in the hand of the devil.
  3. The Kind of Work You Settle for (Genesis 3:3-11): Your profession has a way of shaping your life. What you choose to do and how you go about it would greatly affect your life. Once you decide on what to do for a living you have directly or indirectly choosing a path that will positively or negatively change your life forever. Your profession could be the lead-way to your possession or obsession in life.
  4. The Place You Decide to Reside (Gen. 13: 9-12, Ruth 1:1-5): The place you live has a way of shaping your way of life. Where you decide to live may mean that you lose all you’ve laboured for (think about Lot in Sodom and Naomi in Moab); it could also mean you gain more in life (think of Isaac in Rehoboth and Israel in Canaan-land.). I pray that the Lord will order your step and preserve you for the rest of your life.
  5. The Association/Company You Decide to Keep (Psalm 1:1, 1Cor. 15:33): The circle you decide to join or keep will tell on your life. The basis of what forms your group is what will prosper or damage the group depending on what they live for. If you choose a gang your life is likely to hang.
  6. The People You Decide to Bless (Gen. 12:2, Matt. 25:34-36): There are a handful of selfish irreverent people out there without recourse for human feelings. The reason God blessed you is for you to be a blessing to other people. Your life is not fulfilled by living for yourself alone; it is more enjoyable when you become a blessing to others. You can choose to be a blessing to the sick, the orphans & widows, those in prison and the poor in general.
  7. The Decision on Change – deciding your next course of action: If things will change for the better you will have to change first. Decide to change, decide forward! The best decision you will ever make that can shape your life meaningfully and forever is to decide to change for the better. How do you change? Start with your way of thinking. “The world as we created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be Changed without changing our thinking” – Albert Einstein. Hang your anger! Bury your pride and ego. Nail your hates. Crucify the flesh!If you can change, the chain will break. It’s no news that there are people living their daily lives in chain – to poverty, addiction, inferiority complex, other people’s opinion (OPO), and many other unthinkable social vices. One ‘stroke’ of change can save one of many years of chains. For every cause you choose to live for there is a change you will have to make.

    You can change your ways today. If you can’t bear the curse anymore, change your course!

Four ways to making a right decision:

  1. Start with what matters to God (Matt. 6:33, 1Tim. 6:6): Whatever you want to do that does not matter to God is dangerous, don’t try it. In case you are now in a deep mess as a result of poor decisions in the past, God can sort you out. Run to Jesus and stay with him. The best way to make a good decision is to start with God and the sure way to unmake a poor decision is to run to God.
  2. Search for peace (Ps. 34:14, 1 Peter 3:11): Stick with what will not hurt you. You can make good decisions by adopting what I’ll like to call ‘the harmless principle’ – Let nothing hurt you! Luke 10:19. As a lady or young man never settle for a partner that will harm you. I say never!
  3. Seek the good of others (Matt. 22:39, Gal. 6:7). Life answers to seed principle. You’ll end up making better decisions in life when you look out for the good of your fellow brother. What you sow is what you reap – it is not a prayer, it is a principle.
  4. Seek for right counsel (Prov. 11:14, 24:6): One way to make good decision is to seek good counsel. Counsel is the available option for a better or worse decision-making. A very good counsel would win a war; however, a poor counsel would damage even the best of plans. Seek good counsel! It will lessen your thinking burden and save you of possible error.

Receive grace to make the right decision today. God bless you!


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