I. Prayer Defined:

God speaks to men through His word. Prayer is one major avenue we have to speak to God. Prayer is the faith alive on our inside. It is the building block of healing, deliverance, power, grace, the anointing, confidence and boldness in Christ, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit; and the link between you and heaven.

Prayer happens to be the only path to further understanding of scriptures. Prayer is the key to utterances. In fact it’s the sure way to use the key of the kingdom of heaven which Jesus first handed down to Apostle Peter and then to us. Obviously, it stands to be the only force that resists the forces of darkness, the believer’s way of exercising authority here on earth, and a militant way of issuing command and the most salient matter of the heart (James 5:16).

Prayer is another major way to bear the burden of others. It is more of a secret act and a sure means of expressing ‘secret love’ for souls unconditionally: I mean the first way to reach the unreached. It is the headquarters of power through which we can contact heaven to impact the earth; a laid down principle to obtain help for eathen vessels. Prayer is equipment for spiritual exercise that births immeasurable benefits. It is also an instrument through which we can link the throne of grace for forgiveness and awake the regime of revival. One of the acts that continues when every others stop.

Pray without ceasing when you see the need to pray. If perhaps you do not see the need to pray, then pray without fainting. E. M. Bounds wrote, “Praying is as important as breathing.” So as you breathe, pray. For through prayer we conquer!

It’s the only way to establish God’s will and bid His kingdom come. So, you see why prayer is my all.

II. The Seven Keys to Answered Prayer

I once defined prayer thus: Prayer is telling God about a situation as it is, and expecting the solution to come as it should be. Whatever it is tell it to God raw, and He will deliver it to you once refined. That’s my thought pattern today; that our prayers normally go through some refining process before God.

Meanwhile, I’ll like to share with you what I’ve termed the seven elements of prayer.

One, purity (Prov. 15:18, John 9:31): Prayer is more enjoyable when said out of a pure heart. To be pure at heart is as good as having a cure for a dreaded disease. Today make your heart right with God and say a prayer over a long standing issue in your life, the result you will get will amaze you.

Two, faith (Heb. 11:6): Without faith it is impossible to please God. It also applies that without faith prayer is void of answers. We need faith to be able to move from the impossible look of our need, to the possible outcome of prayer.

Three, fervency/passion: Do you think the need in your life requires urgent attention? Then make your prayer fervent. Add to your prayer some height of passion, some degree of fervency; I mean some sort of spiritual energy.
That way, you are on your way to answered prayers.

Four, joy (Isaiah 12:3): Being bitter in prayer doesn’t make you any better. Jesus said… pray until your joy is full (John 16:24.) You don’t pray to become bitter, you pray to get to a joyous realm.

Five, humility (Luke 18:9-14): Humility is vital to answered prayers – James 4:6. The time of prayer is not the time to boast, it is the time to bow your heart.

Six, peace: You wage war in prayer to bring peace home. After praying the next thing that should follow is outright peace (calmness.) Be anxious for nothing… through prayer make your request known. And I will give you peace… (Phil. 4:6-7.)

Lastly, thanksgiving (John 11:41, 1Thess. 5:18): A praying life should be a thankful life. Always learn to thank God for what he has done, what he is doing and what he will do.

I know God want to do something new in your life that’s why He will have me share this with you. Today take time out and pray through your situation. Every situation has a solution and yours is definitely not an exemption. Pray in purity and by faith, adding some energy and humility to get joy and the peace of God; all from a thankful and graceful heart.

Pray! Pray for yourself and family!! Pray for your generation!!!


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