Have you ever lost something in your life; a possession or property, a job/career, a vision or an appointment, an opportunity or a blessing – I mean anything and how do you feel? That’s the millenium question I desire to ask my generation: how do you feel not having Jesus or losing your salvation, calling or ministry?
There are a lot more people missing out in life because something is missing in their life. What season are you in right now? Don’t you think you are missing a major thing.
A Minor Miss (earthly loss): A lot of things get missing in this world everyday. What ever you miss/lose in this world is little. Do you know people die everyday? That people die daily is not even the key thing, the key thing is do they have the Life.
The Major Miss (eternal loss): In your journey in life have you left Jesus behind? To live and to continue life without Jesus is a major miss. If you have Jesus and miss other things you will still have them somehow (Matt. 6:33); but if you have other things and miss Jesus you have missed everything. A lot of people would leave Jesus behind right after church service or a crusade hoping that someone else would take him along and most times nobody does. Why do people miss Jesus:
1. When we live for mere  programmes: Christians everywhere must come to remember that the essence of programmes is Jesus and not the other way round. Christianity is not a life of many programmes but a life based on kingdom principles, we may have all the programmes in the world but when we fall short of His principles we miss the mark. We have a lot of christians struggling with their faith because the church today is busy and fond of entrenching church programmes while ‘retrenching’ His principles. But the latter should be placed above the former.
2. When we live life in a hurry: Where exactly are we rushing to. Can you just pause and ask yourself this question. Why the rush?
3. When we put our hope in humans. We miss Jesus when we hope others would do for us what we should do for ourselves and what only God can do for us (so instead of looking up to Jesus we start looking ‘down to men.’) This is living life on assumption. Stop assuming! Double check your life and be sure you’ve got Jesus on board (2 Cor. 13v8.)
4. When we are carried away by the system of this world: Men have decided to build a system that they think can stand without the Word/Jesus. When you live by the principles of this world you will kick against divine principles and doing that you will miss out on Jesus.
5. When we live a complicated life (you’re neither here nor there): I’ve heard people say I believe in every ‘religion.’ In other words they are everywhere – such people would end up missing Jesus because they are confused in life (they don’t know what to believe.) Complication is the mother of confusion and confusion is the mother of loss.
Areas in which Jesus could be missing
1. In the life of an individual
2. In a group/gathering
3. In a family/lineage/generation
4. In a mission/agenda
5. In a set-up/business
Is Jesus in where you belong or in what you do?
Finding Jesus: for you to have Jesus in your life you must quickly discover and admit that He is missing in your life.
• IN THE FATHER’S HOUSE: I can assure you of one place to find Jesus and that is in His Father’s house; anywhere the genuine gospel is preached, where the word of God is supreme and highly placed above human prejudice and selfish interest and tendencies, where prayer is pure and righteousness is key – seek him there and you will find him.


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